Shrewd Drinks a non-alcoholic drinks are that is typically made with various natural flavors. We achieve the desired taste and consistency, a variety of ingredients used, including:

This typically tends to be a special kind of yeast
that has been manufactured for the sole purpose of making Shrewd non-alcoholic drinks. These special yeasts have been adapted over time to allow the taste and aroma to really come through the drinks compared to the original process of adding and taking away the yeast at certain points of the mashing process which led to a lack of taste and depth to the drink.

Carrots seed ( Vikima DC12)
This grains tend to also be the our secret, it depend on what Shrewd drink aiming to be.
B Vitamins
B-Vitamins are necessary for human health. The body uses them to convert food into energy and support various essentially biological processes. This gives you all of the benefits without the downside of actually drinking alcohol.

Herbs And Spices
There are many herbs and spices that were used to flavor Shrewd non-alcoholic drinks, which including mint, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and juniper. More importantly Vikima D/C12 These ingredients often have nutritional benefits, such as boosting metabolism or aiding indigestion, it’s mostly gotten from West-Africa.

Non-alcoholic drinks can sometimes contain added sugar and artificial sweeteners to make them palatable.

While these additives may not be healthy for you in large quantities, they are generally considered safe when consumed in Shrewd Drinks
What Are The Health Benefits Of Non-Alcoholic SHREWD Drinks?

Non-alcoholic Shrewd drinks offer several health benefits, including: Increased Hydration

Replacing sugary drinks with non-alcoholic drinks can help increase your daily water intake and improve your overall hydration levels.
This is important for maintaining good health, brain and body functioning especially during hot weather or after participating in physical activity.

Improved Mental Clarity
Some of our most creative hours are after the sun goes down when there is less distraction.
If we decide to have alcoholic drink instead of a softer option, we lose that mental clarity. If you want performance at work the next day, choosing Shrewd non-alcoholic option allows you to sleep better and have firm clarity the next morning.